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  • Application Portfolio Rationalization

    Application Portfolio Rationalization service helps our clients reduce application TCO, eliminate duplication and shelf-ware, and increase end-user productivity. By applying expertise and best practices in leveraging appropriate cloud solutions, our consultants will work with your existing application portfolio management solution or evaluate the right software solution from our short list.


    Our subject matter experts factor-in organizational, business and technical factors to:

    • Rapidly review your application portfolio
    • Focus on areas which provide quick business wins (i.e. identify “quick-hits”)
    • Determine application usage and user satisfaction levels
    • Create transparency on TCO
    • Build a road map for optimization
    • Facilitate workshops to align business and IT groups
    • Establish or augment your vendor management program
    • Partner with your existing employees to empower them
    • Determine the right platform and infrastructure for core solutions
    • Determine the right SaaS solution for non-core solutions


    • Business case analysis indentifying high-level application use cases
    • Prioritization of applications by business benefits, technical complexity, and organizational readiness
    • Prioritized application portfolio road map and impact of initiatives on current state
    • Transformation plan for facilitating the transition to cloud-based application solutions
    • Vendor (list) recommendations for providing best-fit solutions for business requirements
    • Project plan for implementation including sequence of activities, resource requirements, and governance

    Duration: Custom

  • Infrastructure as a Service

    Optilyze will help clients build and manage enterprise-class virtual infrastructure with cloud-based storage, desktop and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions that are consumed and delivered on an on-demand basis.

    Built using Optilyze’s architectures, management tools and assets—hardened in numerous customer cloud engagements—our virtualization solutions are designed to meet your enterprise needs for scalability and security while helping you reduce capital and operational costs.

    • Helps clients reduce cost and operational risk by defining, designing and implementing a secure private cloud infrastructure
    • By leveraging the Eclipse automation platform, Optilyze will provide an automated, repeatable transformation solution that will help with a risk mitigated adoption of the cloud services, while reducing the upfront CapEx costs involved.
    • Facilitates differentiation for competitive advantage with vendor agnostic and flexible configuration options
    • Help clients accelerate cloud adoption and improve time to value with enterprise-class capabilities and Optilyze expertise

    • Model of the IaaS framework including people, process, technology, metrics, and organization structures
    • Provide a view of the marketplace and best practices to compare to IaaS model
    • Identified opportunities (e.g. cost reduction, consolidation, etc.)
    • Technical Model of the IaaS framework including process, technology, metrics, and organization structures
    • Financial Model of the IaaS framework including people, process, technology
    • IaaS scope and technical specifications
    • Financial model of IaaS alternatives
    • Documented best practice approaches related to operational processes and strategy
    • Documented risks and mitigation steps
    • Preliminary Business case
    • Sourcing strategy
    • IaaS Strategy and Roadmap presentation, including business case
    • Revised IaaS Strategy and Roadmap (based on Executive Sponsor and IT Executive feedback)
    • Recommendations for changes/enhancements to clients’ ITSM processes, technical capabilities, staffing, sourcing

    Duration: Custom

  • Platform as a Service

  • The Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) industry continues to grow rapidly. The success of SaaS is driving broad change across the technology industry. Software vendors, both large and small, are contemplating on how to adapt to the new paradigms of the SaaS market, while a large number of developers across the world are moving to SaaS application development. The increase in SaaS application consumption and development is driving the need for a new set of platform technologies – Platform as a Service (PaaS).


    Our subject matter experts factor-in organizational, business and technical factors to:

    • Evaluate the readiness of the applications and business processes to reside in a multi-tenant architecture
    • Construct highly-flexible user interfaces for applications via a simple “drag & drop” methodology which permits the creation and configuration of UI components on the fly
    • Unlimited database customizations
    • Robust workflow engine/capabilities for the cloud platform
    • Granular control over security
    • Flexible, services-enabled integration model


    • A roadmap for accelerating the time to market of new applications and legacy application migration
    • A detailed Profile of the legacy applications to determine the effort required to migrate them to new Cloud-enabled images
    • A delivery plan for the accelerated adoption of cloud compliance and best practice patterns

    Duration: Custom