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  • At Optilyze we are focused on helping IT organizations accelerate their adoption of next generation data center technologies, thereby making their Infrastructure more agile and cost effective. By leveraging Optilyze’s Eclipse Automation platform, IT organizations can automate the key steps involved in transforming their Infrastructure by adopting the best of breed virtualization and sourcing techniques.

    The Eclipse Automation platform is an automation platform that provides access to smarter analytics, experiential data, industry insights and historical perspectives to automate the data gathering, assessment, design, planning, implementation and governance phases of strategic transformation engagements.

    From founding the company, we set out to build a best of breed, easy to use, automated and repeatable software platform that would eliminate the need for huge upfront capex investments to achieve the transformation needs within an organization. The Eclipse platform addresses a variety of disruptive factors that necessitate the need for such transformation within IT organizations including:

    1. Cloud Service Adoption
    2. Eliminating Cost Complexities
    3. Facilitating Cost Take-outs
    4. Data Center Consolidation & Virtualization
    5. Data Center Relocation etc.

    To achieve this goal, our unique approach includes:

  • A comprehensive approach to automating the key steps involved in a transformation effort. Powered by 80+ years of aggregate experience in the Infrastructure transformation domain, Optilyze offers an end to end solution with the following benefits:

    1. An automate, repeatable and cost effective means to transform the IT environments.

    2. While our competitive products offer a subset of Optilyze's product features, most of them are based on empirical methods and not real historical data. The results generated by our products will be product/vendor neutral and based on actual customer data and industry benchmarks.

    3. Optilyze platform is based on open architecture and can integrate with your current software products and tools in a seamless fashion.

    4. Our products will provide value add throughout the life cycle of the transformation effort, and provides continuity to balance the prediction, design, planning, and implementation of the end state architecture. In addition, the platform offers a governance analytics tool that will optimally place the new workloads and effectively manage the resources on the end state, thereby significantly reducing the need to re-architect the solution for every refresh cycle.

    4. Optilyze will offer this automation platform as a subscription based service via the cloud, thereby addressing the capex constraints faced by most enterprises in this economy.

  • Flexibility to consume Data from any Source – manual or digital The Eclipse Analytics engine provides support for both top down and bottom up modeling, and can consume data from most commercial CMDB or data collection tools in the marketplace. The platform works with whatever data you may have today and helps you mature to the desired end state you have in mind. In addition, the analytics engine will be able to consume manual inventory data typically tracked as a spreadsheet rolled up from a variety of business units within the organization.

  • Data Analytics Software with relative Ease of Use By leveraging a patent pending data inference technology, Optilyze products offer an easy to use visual modeler to the complex virtualization and transformational analysis, interactive reports that are customizable, and the ability to perform multiple “what-if” scenarios to evaluate the business, financial and technical benefits of the transformation. Optilyze software delivers infrastructure innovation that adapts as data changes over the course of the transformational effort. In addition, the software provides various transformational strategies and rich set of rules that transcends the business, technical and political ecosystem and can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of an IT organization.

  • Low Capex Investment, quick Time to Value By leveraging the software platform provided by the Optilyze, IT organizations can automate the key steps involved in transforming their current IT Infrastructure and adopt the next generation data center technologies. Optilyze estimates that its automation software will increase the productivity of the technical resources and will reduce the overall effort of transformation by 50-60%. Since these CPEX intense upfront costs are offset only by a fractional investment in Optilyze software that is paid on a subscription basis, IT organizations have a tremendous opportunity to maximize their investments and realize a higher ROI on their transformational efforts.

  • Democratization of Data Center Intelligence Powered by our next generation software analytics and business intelligence, Optilyze products empower both technical and business architects to make intelligent decisions in defining the end state architecture. The built in workflow will maintain continuity across the various phases of the transformational effort and accelerate the adoption of the disruptive technologies with a deep understanding of the business drivers.